Life groups

Connecting to God  ~  Connecting to People

What is a LIFE Group?
Life Groups are weekly, monthly or regular gatherings where people gather and study a particular topic.

What are the topics?
Topics can range from anything from a book of the Bible to a particular aspect of life; parenting or marriage for example.

How do I find a Life Group?
Life Groups are almost always going on. And if there isn't one currently meeting, there is likely one to start -- see our list of current groups in the section below. To get involved with a Life Group simply email our Life Group Director, Danielle Lowery, at and we will get you the info you need. 

Current Life Groups

Below is a list of the current Life Groups here at Great Lakes Church for the Fall 2019 season. Click on any of the groups below to learn more about the group and to register to join.

You were not created to walk through this life alone. You have something to receive, and something to offer others. God has wired you to belong, to become, to be fully alive. We are all destined to belong—to God & one another.  The Life Groups at GLC are always expanding, and there’s something for you.